Covid -19 Protocols

Wherever you are in the spectrum of concern over Covid-19,

we can

accommodate your wishes while adhering to government guidelines. Read the options below for more information.

What We Offer


Listings Appointments via Zoom

Professional Virtual Listing appointments


In Home Showings - Limited to 3 Adults

Seller may still request virtual showings only. However, as we enter phase two and now three, we will resume open houses.  Tours will be in 30-minute increments so buyers and agents can have a private tour while also practicing social distancing. 

3 visitors at a time

No children in the home

Sellers leave on all lights and open all interior doors


Virtual Home Showings - Buyers Do Not Come to the House

Depending on the seller, home showings can be online and virtual-only.  Another possibility is a video walkthrough via Zoom. The walkthrough can be done by the seller or listing agent.


Inspections and Appraisals

No-touch inspections


Safety Supplies Will Be Provided

No Shoes – booties will be available. One use only.  Not disposed of in the house. Buyers and agents will take booties with them upon exiting the home.



Hand Sanitizer



Secure Electronic Signatures


All documents for listing the property and all offers will be signed electronically.


Use of Showing Time to Schedule Appointments

As the seller you have the ability to confirm appointments should you wish to do so in tandem with Showing Time.  If not, showings will be confirmed through Showing Time concierge and they will inform you about the appointment. 


Electronic Lockbox

All agents who have confirmed appointments in house will use a key that records their entrance into the property. You will KNOW who has been in your home.





The Closing

Not all title companies offer electronic signatures but they do offer curbside closings. If preferred, you can have the documents overnighted to you for your signature.